Flamenco Guitar Duo – Saturday, 29 September, from 1pm

Flamenco Guitar Duo – Saturday, 29 September, from 1pm

Cromwell’s welcomes back the delightful flamenco guitar playing of the Julian Everett and Geoff Carlier duo, also known as ‘Jaleo’. Jaleo play a mix of flamenco, Spanish and acoustic guitar music.

Listen to their soothing music whilst you enjoy your homemade food and drinks.

Julian and Geoff are flamenco guitarists based in Dorking. Julian has been playing the guitar for over thirty years, and studied styles including blues, jazz and funk before falling in love with the music of southern Spain. The name ‘Jaleo’ comes from the flamenco term for the enthusiastic cheering and clapping which powers spontaneous flamenco performance in the late night bars of southern Spain.

Julian and Geoff have played as a duo a number of times at Cromwell’s and really shouldn’t be missed!  Do come along and join in the fun and enjoy the music, food and drink.